Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Siyana Zaharieva

How did you become an artist?
It was a very straight process in my case.I was quite excited by illustrations back in my childhood and very early I decided that exactly this would be my job. Even I enrolled in drawing classes by myself and my parents got to know this as late as the time for payment came.
Did you go to art school?
Yes, I graduated with „Illustration“ from the National Academy of Art, Sofia, Bulgaria.
Were there 1 or more individuals that were an influence in your becoming an illustrator?
Definitely all illustrators, with whose children‘s books I have grown up, have influenced me. There are a lot of such illustrators. However, there are two persons, who showed me in a completely different way that despite the difficulties, one should not give up what one wants to do; that one should be persistent, work hard and believe in one‘s self. These persons are my parents.
Are there any artists or individual that influence your work?
I am addicted to illustration. The blogs and websites of illustrators that I follow are really a lot. I am constantly discovering artists, who are new to me and who become my favourite. They are also quite a lot. Over the past few days I have been checking with great interest the illustrations of Fredéric Pillot, Chun Eun Sil, Eric Puybaret.
What inspires you?
I am inspired by stories for children, by the good writers, children‘s imagination, nature... by the world that surroudns me.
Your work process is really interesting can you share how you create your images?
I draw entirely by hand. First I give myself enough time to explore and ponder on what I will do. Then many pencil drawings follow while I create the character or characters that I draw. It is important to have drawings from different points of view in at least several situations before I proceed.If I do a book, after the development of the characters, I make small sketches (storyboard) of the various illustrations. Then I start developing them in detail in the real format. Finally I do them in colour. I paint with acrylic paints on paper. Incidentally it has been the case that I have had to paint in Adobe Photoshop, but this is in extraordinary situations, when the deadline is too tight and this is the only way for me to fit in it.
What types of markets do you create art for?
Until now I have worked in the field of children's books and illustrations for advertising campaigns. I hope that in the future the books will prevail.
Are there links where more of your art can be seen?
Yes – here they are:
Do you do other things regarding art like teaching, or classroom visits?
I have always found working with children to be extremely interesting, but I am still doing my first steps as an illustrator and perhaps in the future I could try also in this area. Next month I'm about to be one of the presenters at a children's workshop "DO YOURSELF A BOOK" and I am very excited.
Are there other creative interests you persue like writing or music?
In my free time I like reading, travelling and cyclingI have never done music and I think I am not talented in this fieldAs for writing, one never knowsI am considering such a book written and illustrated by me, but I‘m still gathering courage.
Do you currently have product with your images on the market? books, gift or home products?
Yes, but for now they are only on the Bulgarian market. There are books with my illustrations. They can also be seen on the cupakes from„Take a cake“ (, the promotional mugs of Jacobs Monarch and on the cover of the latest issue of the culinary magazine "Bacchus. "
What is the thing you love best about what you do?
I love everything, the entire process. Yet, perhaps I love it the most when,following numerous pencil drawings, Idetermine on the characters and composition, and move on to work with colors. This has always been the sweetest for me.