Thursday, January 30, 2014

What is the Atlanta Gift Show About?

The Atlanta Gift Show is a huge event for manufacturers to show retailers their new products that can be placed in their stores. It is overwhelming in scope. There are 3 buildings and thousands of showrooms. For licensing artists and agents it is a chance to make appointments and meet with art directors and product developers to show new work. Remember to keep in mind that it is extremely important for manufactures to connect with buyers in the showroom, so the last thing you want to do is get in the way of that.
                                                          Patti Gay-Two Can Art Collection
With the economy down in the last few years it did seem that manufacturers were happy with turn out this year. One art director told me it "was like old times." I hope that she is right because that can only be good for artists and businesses.
                                                              Art from Patti Gay-Design
     It was very exciting seeing all of the merchandise. 
     There were a great deal of distressed wood items. 
     I also saw several word related products too. 
    (Although that trend may be waning) I did see 
    mostly themes that have been popular for years.

     I found that most people were very friendly and
     helpful. The one most important thing to think 
     about is to wear comfortable shoes. There is a 
     great deal of walking!

Patti Gay- Two Can Art Collection
It was a really great show for me personally. The Two Can Art Collection that I do with my son was launched by Tervis. Two Can Art is a collaborative collection. Noah who is autistic paints all of the textures that I then create images from. It's exciting to me that it is also bringing about autism awareness. is giving 5% of sales to Autism Speaks and Balance4Kids. I could not have asked for a better partnership. The people in the Tervis showroom rock! There will be more products from the Two Can Art Collection in showrooms next year, so I can hardly wait. I'll be putting information out on the Two Can Art Facebook page and the Pinterest site things come on to the market.
Patti Gay- Two Can Art Collection

I also got to see art from artist friends that I know or admire on products too. I loved looking at everyones beautiful work. I also got to visit with some old and new 

Art from Victoria Hutto
Art from Victoria Hutto
This was my first trip to the Gift Show. I've always been represented by an agent in the past. It was a great experience. Atlanta, I will be seeing you again with the most comfortable shoes that I can find.
                                                               Art from Dianne Woods
                                                             Art from Sharon Fernleaf