Tuesday, July 22, 2014

AmericasMart Atlanta July

This was my second trip to the AmericasMart in Atlanta. I also attended in January. There was much less traffic at this show. I understand that this time of year is busy for stores so they tend to come in larger numbers in January. 
With that said I found this show as exciting and interesting as in January. I took time to look at showrooms I hadn't seen before and met some lovely people along the way. 
I did find that themes and trends haven't changed much.The chalk look and word images were still strong. There were some lovely garden and animal themes as well. I saw some wonderful art on all kinds of products. There were lots of fun whimsical products for Halloween and Christmas too. 
Seeing new friends and old was an added benefit.
Personally the show was especially nice in that some of the Two Can Art images were launched. PPD featured the Winter Solstice collection in the window. One of the cards at Design Design was also in the showroom. I really love meeting the sales forces at the show too. They were all so incredibly kind.
 Visiting the showrooms can really give you a good idea of a manufactures look and product selections,so you can get an idea if it's a good fit for your artwork.
  I am looking forward to heading south again in   


  1. I have a question.. How do you go about getting into Americasmart if you don't have product there? I'd love to attend and just walk it so I get a feel for the manufacturers.... Thanks!

  2. If you have an agent you might be able to go with them. From my experience it has always been through the companies I work with. Another approach might be to get online and look at companies and their products. That is a great way if you are just starting out. Some companies have logins but others don't. You might also just consider really looking at things when you go shopping that have art on them. You can see what buyers have placed in their stores.

  3. You have to register as a business. On the website it list the requirements to get a pass. Once you are on the list, you can show up and get your pass. You can also bring others if you represent them as employees. I know this because my wife attends regularly and this January my son, his girlfriend and myself tagged along.