Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Christina Wald

How did you become an artist?
I really got serious about drawing in junior high and high school when I discovered comics. I loved Elfquest by Wendy Pini and also read Star Wars, Red Sonja, Warlord, Cerebus and Dazzler. My mom also picked up tons of old comic at garages sales and my brother and I loved reading them. 
Did you go to art school?
Yes, I went to University of Cincinnati and got a degree in Industrial Design. 
Was there anyone who influenced you in becoming an artist?I loved comics, books and movies. I am still obsessed with them. I also had an extremely supportive family.  
Is there one or more artists whose work is an influence?
Many! Perhaps my favorite artist is Francisco Goya. Other favorites are Jacques Louis David, Pieter Bruegel, NC Wyeth, Arthur Rackham, Howard Pyle, Gustave Dore, Robert McCloskey, Beatrix Potter, Dora Carrington, Norman Rockwell, Joseph Christian Leyendecker, Wendy Pini, Alphonse Mucha, Frank Frazetta, Michael Whelan, the Brothers Hildebrandt, Winsor McCay, David Wiesner, Jerry Pinkney, Moebius, Hergé and many, many others.
What inspires you?
Almost everything.
I enjoy travel, movies, theater, museums, art exhibitions, books, travel... Getting out and experiencing the world is the most important key to being a good artist and illustrator. Travel and urban/journal sketching are my biggest passions.
Would You like to share your work process?
It depends on the project. I do a lot of animal books so the initial part of the process is getting reference. Sometimes I go to zoos and animal rescue places to take photos and take video and often I check out books and research online to get as much as possible on my subjects. For example, I illustrated a book on elk several years ago for the US Forest Service and The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and went to Montana, Yellowstone and Kentucky to photograph elk. 
After that, it depends on the project. I usually start with thumbnails and concept sketches from there get reference photos needed for the project. It it is for a client, I put together my sketches and send them in for approval. If I am painting them in acrylic, I print the sketches in a light tone on thick Bristol board so I do not lose the vitality of the sketch transferring and paint them.
I ink with a brush or pen for line/comic work and then compile everything digitally.
I also do some final work completely digitally, but still 
sketch on paper.
Are there links where more of your art can be seen?

Web Comic:

Game Art:


I also admin the Cincinnati Illustrators Blog:

What types of markets do you create art for?
Today mostly Children's Books. I also still do industrial design mostly for toy companies and some giftware design
When I got started I used to do work for a lot of RPG and CCG companies. I did a lot of art for West End Games for their Start Wars RPG line (around 13 books). In addition, I did work for CCGs based on Lord of the Rings, Dune, Battletech and others. I also did work for Dragon Magazine.

I have also done artwork for book covers, licensed products, toy packaging... I even have done some animation backgrounds.

Do you do other things regarding art like teaching?
I have taught college level illustration at NKU and have been offered the opportunity to do more at other art schools but my schedule is always so crazy. I am pursuing a couple comic book projects including my web comic Pop Smoothie. I am also working to get another really cool comic project collaboration off the ground.
I am also an obsessive urban sketcher. I get out to sketch whenever I can. 
Do you pursue other creative interests like writing and music? 
I am learning to be a better writer. My biggest interest is to travel as much as possible and sketch. I am going to Romania in September to sketch the Saxon villages in the mountains.
Where can your art be seen? 
My blog has a list of books with links down the left side. There is also a link to toys that are currently available.
            What do you love best about what you do?                                         
I love the variety of fascinating subjects I get to illustrate. One day I am illustrating GI Joe packaging for Hasbro and the next I am illustrating life in Pompeii for Scholastic and the next a book about bats. It is never dull.


  1. Great interview. Enjoyed reading it.
    oh, my maiden last name was Wald. doubt we're related in anyway, yet- Cool.

    Best to you
    Lisa G.

  2. Thanks! I am not sure about the Wald name at all. It has been suggested that it was shortened from something else. Our Wald branch is from Hoboken, NJ but that is all I know...

  3. Great work Christina! It's awesome to see your work. You are one of the most prolific people that I know!!

  4. Sorry I missed this earlier, Christina. I am enamored with all of your art, but of course my favorites are from A Warm Winter Tail and A Cool Summer Tail children's books! :)