Friday, October 18, 2013

Chris Chun

How did you become an artist?
I’m sure if you asked any creative person, the moment we became ‘artists’ was probably the day when we first started school and having the opportunity to express ourselves. As long as I can remember, I have always loved to draw and create – it felt very natural and made me happy. I have been incredibly blessed to have wonderful parents who supported my creativity, especially my Mum. I remember going to art classes during school holidays; we did macramé one day then ceramics then candle making…it was great! No iPad back then. My Mum even helped me screen print fabric for my final year school project at a textile workshop.
Did you go to art school?
I studied textile design at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.
Are there individuals that were an influence in your becoming an artist?
At various stages throughout my life, there have been several people who have been key influencers. I had a really fantastic art teacher called Lindy Spreadborough who was incredibly nurturing and always gave lots of encouragement. I also had various friends & relatives of the family who were artistic so I think they had a strong influence on me too. When I decided to paint full time, I couldn’t have done it without the love and support of my husband Matthew.
Are there any other artists that inspire you?
OMG – I am inspired by so many artists; there’s just too many to name. One key theme that they all share is a wonderful sense of colour. In my early years, I loved Monet, Matisse, Willem de Kooning and Hundertwasser. I love the Japanese woodcuts, Basquiat, Joshua Yeldham, Cressida Campbell, John Olsen, Andy Warhol….
What inspires you now?
I’m inspired by travel, food, family, friends, magazines, films, nature…pretty much everything and anything. Since living here in Thailand, I am constantly inspired whether it’s the wonderful abundance of tropical flowers to the lanna designs on the temples to collaborating with some of the many talented artists and craftspeople who live here. My artwork celebrates the joy of the life.
Can you share a little about your work process?
Usually, I like to create a storyboard of ideas for any new project whether it’s a painting or a teacup. Then I like to think about it and do some concepts before I start working on it. Sometimes, it can be really quick other times I have to think about it a bit more before I actually start painting. I usually find I have several things working in the back of my sub conscious mind. To the outsider, it always looks like I leave things to the last minute before completing a job but I have been always thinking about my work beforehand. The actual painting doesn’t take that long, once I have the idea and direction formed in my head.
Are there links where we can see more of your work?
View Chris' work:

Online Boutique (limited edition products, original artwork):

Facebook (for daily updates/ new work):

YouTube (Chris’s videos on painting):




What markets do you create art for?
I create for all product categories from ceramics/ tabletop to stationery to textiles to bedding. I’ve also done a couple of book covers, designed websites and am even consulting on interiors for a new café here in Chiang Mai. I also do a bit of graphic design and product styling for photos. I love new challenges and I love learning new things.
Do you do other things regarding art like teaching?
I am not teaching at the moment but it is something I have been thinking about doing lately, especially online. I also give lectures at universities/ art colleges about working as a creative professional to students.
Do you persue other creative interests?
I love cooking but I haven’t done it so much since I have been living in Thailand. Most kitchens in Thailand do not have an oven and I didn’t realize how much I love to bake! This year, I have been learning ceramics – how to use the potter’s wheel but I have decided I do not have the patience or skill for this. I have also been to a few Bollywood dance classes in my time LOL.
Where can your art be seen?
You can find my work on cards, textiles, canvases, works on paper, elephants, books. I have some new card ranges coming out soon with Papyrus.
What do you love best about what you do?
I just love being able to do what I love to do. I have a very blessed life.

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