Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Lori Siebert

How did you become an artist?
I was shy growing up and I was drawn to anything creative.
I have loved to draw,paint and make things since I was a little girl. I began taking private art lessons when I was 7 and learned to use pastels and oil paints. I took art all through high school and then got a degree in Graphic Design from The University of Cincinnati (which is an excellent program and allowed me to co-op at various places all through college.) I started my own design firm in 1987...just 3 years after I graduated.

Was there anyone that influenced you in becoming an artist?
I won a ribbon for a painting I did in a local art fair when I was around 6. My Mom saw that this was what I loved to do ,so she enrolled me into the lessons when I was 7. There were several architects and painters in my family history, but not in my immediate family. Art was just something I was naturally drawn to.

Is there one or more artists whose work is an influence?
I am an extremely curious person,so I LOVE looking at beautiful things...all the time. I am influenced by many,many things. One type of art that I LOVE is folk art...especially Outsider Art.
I also love art created by children. I am drawn to things that are whimsical and somewhat naive.

What inspires you?
I love going to antique flea markets and finding amazing ephemera or old books. I love is what I turn to when I can't sleep at night. I am inspired by my artist friends.
I am inspired by artists like Paul Klee, Matisse, Modigliani, and Picasso. I am inspired by fabrics from around the world...(I have a passion for pattern and texture.) I am inspired by new mediums...I love to learn new things and play around.
Would you like to share your work process?
My process changes with every collection that I create. Sometimes,I am inspired by words,
sometimes ,it is a new medium to try. I often start with a theme that might relate to a vintage art style. I also ,sometimes start by making something 3-D. I suppose I get bored easily,so I mix up my process all the time.
Are there links where more of your art can be seen?
I recently started a blog that lists a few of my manufacturing design studio also has a
What types of markets do you create for?
I create for several,home decor,tabletop.fabric,baby,and garden.
Do you do other things regarding art like teaching?
I will be hosting my first workshop,along with 3 other artist friends this September 18th to the 22nd in Destin,Fla. The website for the workshop I am VERY excited about this. I hope to more in the teaching area.
Do you pursue other creative interests like writing or music?
I love to write,but I mostly write for my licensing collections. I also love to cook,especially baking.
Where can your art be seen?
It is mostly on product. I may start selling my original pieces at some point. I wrote a couple of books early in my career as a graphic designer. I may go back to that along the way...I have a few ideas.
What do you love best about what you do?
I feel incredibly blessed that I get to create EVERY DAY!! It is what I am passionate about. I also love when I can give some of my products to friends and family. They get so excited. Several friends text me when they see my products out and about. They are very supportive. I also LOVE the community of artists. It is great to get to know like minded people and share our creative lives. Just like doing this interview...I was honored to be asked to tell a bit about my story.

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