Thursday, November 8, 2012

Two Can Art

                            What is Two Can Art?
Two Can Art is a collection of images that are a collaborative effort from myself (Patti Gay) and my son Noah who is autistic.
How does the collaboration work?

Noah paints all of the beautiful textures using a variety of methods, brushes, sponges, hands and even bubbles. For Noah the painting experience is both visual and tactile.
I take Noah’s painted textures and scan them. Then I do thumbnail ideas for images and sketches that I also scan in. After that the textures are pieced together using my sketches as a guide. 

How did Two Can Art Come About?
I have always loved and saved Noah’s painted textures. One year I made cards from them and gave them to friends and family. It just came to me that that it would be really great to use the textures in creating images, and I started experimenting with ideas. Two Can Art was born. I think that the images have really evolved since the beginning. I have also been influenced with the use of texture in some of my other work too, which I think is really exciting.
          Are there Markets Two Can Art images are in?
Two Can Art images have been licensed for cards and gift bags so far. My licensing agent is representing the collection. . There are over 200 images in the collection. The surf boards and red poppies seen here were early images. The others are more recent.
I ‘ve also written a picture book and am working on illustrations for that using Noah’s textures too. My book agent The Herman Agency will be shopping it around.
There is also a print on demand site that has Two Can Art images printed on fine art papers.  There are images that I don’t have on the site but I’m happy to give quotes for prints on paper or canvas in any size preference by 
I live in a great area for art (Santa Cruz CA) and have hung giclee prints on canvas in different local locations. 
All of the proceeds from Two Can Art go into an account we don’t touch that is set aside for Noah’s special needs trust. 
                    What is most rewarding about 
                         creating this collection?            
The best thing about the Two Can Art collection is that Noah and I are sharing in something that we both love. What could be better than that? Everyone has something beautiful that they can share. Noah's textures and challenges inspire me to be a better artist and person. We are starting to make paper together too, so I plan on adding some of those textures in projects to come.


  1. Patti, these images are so, so cool and fun! and Noah's textures are amazing, very special and perfectly fitting your images! What a great team and collaboration, very inspiring indeed - a hug to you and Noah :)

  2. What a wonderful story - thank you for sharing. The images just burst with joy - pure happiness for my eyes. Thank you Patti and Noah for making such beautiful images.
    Melanie xx

  3. Alex, Thanks so much. I think we make a pretty good team!

  4. Melanie, I am so happy that you liked the images. Thank you for your lovely comment.

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