Monday, July 16, 2012

Dave Groff

How is it that you came to be an illustrator?
In high school, I really started to focus on becoming an artist for a living. I realized that Disney hired artists to make animated films and that seemed like an absolutely awesome way to make a living so that was the first thought. Later in my senior year of high school, I had the opportunity to meet with an art director  and talk about advertising and illustrators. As soon as I walked into his office and saw the layouts on the wall and smelled those markers I was hooked! I knew that making art for a living was for me.
Did you go to art school?
I graduated the Columbus College of Art & Design though my first thoughts were to attend the Cleveland Institute of Art. They turned me down because my work “looked to much like a commercial artist”!
Were there 1 or more individuals that were an influence in becoming an illustrator?
I've had many influences and inspirations in my career. My oldest sister was an excellent artist and I was always in awe of the things she would paint and was inspired to do the same. In art school my friend, Lee Woolery was a great motivator and really inspired me to want to succeed and carry on even when the nights and assignments never seemed to be coming out right. He was always there to offer advice and encouragement. Jeffery Terreson, another art school buddy was also a big influence. He never gave up and always worked to make it work. My great college roommates Tim Bowers and John Jude Palencar were the best. Always making me want to try harder on every assignment. The made it look easy. Being in art school was more than going to class and learning art it was always  the inspiration and friendly competition among my peers that really drove many of us to want to be better.
What inspires you now?
What inspires me now… many things like my student’s work at CCAD, the beautiful, skillful work I see being done my peers, my faith, my new grand daughter!
What techniques and mediums do you work in?
I am a traditional painter working in oil and acrylics. There is nothing really fancy to what I do as a painter. I strive to do a good drawing, create believable values and pleasing color. Over the last few years I‘ve been scanning my finished art into PS and experimenting with different textures and filters with some really cool results.
What types of markets do you illustrate for?
My work is mainly used in advertising, and book work. A wide variety of areas really.
Are there links to your work you’d like to share?
My work can be seen here: 
this is my black and white sketch blog 
this is where I’m posting the most variety of work for now until I can get my new web site where I want it
Do you do other things regarding art?
I am currently an adjunct professor at The Columbus College of Art & Design and also taught a few years ago at the University of Dayton. I‘ve done several school class room visits and have always enjoyed promoting and speaking about being an artist. 
I enjoy easel painting as much as I do sitting behind a drawing board or computer monitor. I have always enjoyed playing the guitar and was a cello player for many years.
I ‘m an avid garage sale junkie and flea market / antique show attender. I ‘m always on the hunt for anything , funky or 60’s, I collect old toy and mid century furniture. 
Do you have products with your images on the market?
I have never gotten into much licensing of  my work for products outside of a few greeting cards I’ve done and some t-shirt design work.
What do you love best about what you do?
The thing I love best about what I do is that I feel blessed to be able to create art that people can relate to  and leaves me fulfilled and wanting to do more .